Zoe Carrington

Zoe joined CDR Studio in October 2019, working as a student intern as part of her architectural education. She obtained her Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the Welsh School of Architecture in Cardiff, UK. Zoe is involved in many aspects of art and design with experience working in the costume department of a UK production theater, as part of a successful graphic design firm, and with three small UK-based architecture firms.

During her studies, Zoe responded to a range of different-scaled design briefs located across the UK with the support of visiting architects who shared their knowledge through both one-on-one tutorials and a lecture series. Her education has taken her across Europe, with involvement in a large-scale public instillation piece at ETSAB (Barcelona’s School of Architecture) and by presenting design work to architecture students at the University of Porto. Her final-year project was designing a co-housing complex for the retired residents of a rural Welsh town. The town had a disproportionate percentage of older residents who did not have access to suitable housing. The semi-communal way of living, originating in Scandinavia in the 1960s, provided a suitable answer to the town’s housing problem.

After leaving school Zoe completed an Art Foundation Diploma that provided a broad education across all art and design disciplines through experimentation, group design briefs, lectures and multiple study trips across Europe — with a highlight being the 2015 Venice Biennale.

Zoe enjoys sharing her passion for design with others through her volunteer work as a STEM ambassador, giving lectures at colleges and leading workshops with elementary school children by educating them on the basics of successful design. Zoe has a keen interest in social housing as well as sustainable building methods and ways in which the building sector can use intelligent design to reduce its negative environmental effects. She hopes to explore this theme further while working with CDR Studio.