West End Avenue Residence


Located on the ninth floor of a landmarked residential tower on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, this project combined two apartments into a single unit designed to serve as both a private residence and a public gathering space for various philanthropic events. The client, an avid collector, required large public spaces for various gatherings and screenings while also maintaining immense amounts of storage for her growing needs.

Long Island Residence


The Long Island Residence is located in a rural community on the edge of the Long Island Sound. Approximately twenty-five miles from the heart of Manhattan, the area is known as a tranquil counterpoint for daily commuters seeking to escape the city's frenetic pace. The project is the result of a renovation seeking to both preserve and refine an existing dwelling that has stood on the site since 1961.

Pavilion Progress

CDR Studio is designing an outside pavilion in Hoboken, NJ.

West End Avenue Residence Complete

Here’s an image from our photoshoot of the West End Avenue Residence on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Long Island Residence Photoshoot Completed

Here’s a sneak peak of our photoshoot of the Long Island Residence. The image, taken from the backyard at dusk, shows the renovated interior as well as the charred cedar rainscreen that replaced the old external façade.

CDR Studio to Design Installation for Arts@Renaissance

Arts@Renaissance is an emerging arts space and a platform for conversation about arts in North Brooklyn. It provides an outlet for artistic exploration and discovery, and serves to forge alliances between artists and the community.

Marine Company 01 Selected as a Finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards

Marine Company 01 has been selected as a finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards for the Port Facilities & Boat Piers category. It is one of only a handful of entries chosen from over 100 countries and is competing for the two most sought-after awards: The Architizer A+ Jury Award and the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award.

Construction Underway at Audi Central Houston

Construction is underway at the Audi Central Houston site.

Hillsdale Screen House Featured at Archilovers

Archilovers, an international social network of architecture and design, has chosen to feature CDR Studio’s Hillsdale Screen House on their website. The article details the project, and includes a profile of the studio and partners.

Partners Lea Cloud and Victoria Rospond Featured on Re:making Architecture

The Architecture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design interviewed alumnae Lea Cloud and Victoria Rospond on the genesis of CDR Studio and the influence that their education has had on their design philosophy.