FDNY Fire Hook + Ladder Company 08

Jonathan Dreyfous
Victoria Rospond
Gabriel Cuellar
New York, NY
$3.8 million

Probably best known for its role in the Ghostbusters movies, the firehouse for Fire Hook & Ladder Company 08 is also among New York City’s oldest — at 102 years old — and its most decorated. CDR Studio was responsible for architectural design and construction management for the rehabilitation and overall interior renovation, including replacement of the main floor and installation of a new housewatch, kitchen and bathrooms. CDR Studio was awarded this project by the NYC Department of Design and Construction as one of 24 small firms selected by the city agency through its “Design for Excellence” initiative. A complex construction sequencing strategy allowed the firehouse to remain functional, despite the nearly total replacement of the apparatus floor and all infrastructural systems. In addition, the domestic qualities of the building were reconfigured, offering both shared and individuated spaces.

In order to minimize the effect on the services provided by the company during renovation, the project had to adhere to tightly coordinated construction phasing and scheduling. By utilizing the adjacent alleys to the south and east of the existing building to create secure, temporary enclosures and by clearly delineating areas of daily firehouse operation from those under construction, CDR Studio ensured uninterrupted firehouse service to the surrounding community.