2013 November 21
Hoboken Pavilion Featured in Issue of Interior Design Magazine

The Hoboken Pavilion was featured in the October 2013 issue of Interior Design. The spread explains the inspiration for the project and details of its construction, particularly focusing on the green aspects of its design.  view full article

CDR Studio designed the pavilion for the garden of a town house in Hoboken, New Jersey. The structure features sapele wood cells, a canopy of laminated tempered glass, and recycled aluminium support.

Posted with permission from Interior Design (http://www.interiordesign.net/)

2013 October 31
CDR Studio Entry a Jury Selection for the Final Phase of the Waterfront Gateway Design Competition!

CDR Studio is thrilled to announce that our design proposal has been a jury selection for the final phase of the Waterfront Gateway Design Competition! CDR has partnered with DLand Studio and Vanguardia Development to create a proposal at the scale of the New Rochelle Armory as well as the larger waterfront/urban context. The public, open competition was created by the City of New Rochelle to seek out architectural design proposals and a workable development program for the New Rochelle historic military armory, its 2.92 acre site, and three adjacent land parcels, all located along the Long Island Sound's Echo Bay.  view full article

CDR provided a comprehensive proposal and innovative development solution for the downtown site that links the commercial and residential core of New Rochelle to the waterfront of the Long Island Sound.  CDR conceives of the Armory as a public portal that allows for new connections to the long-abused coastal edge. Together with DLand’s proposed conversion of mud-flats to wetlands, the New Rochelle Armory Portal is programmed as a threshold bridging New Rochelle’s urban fabric and it’s lost waterfront.

Below is an image of the Armory Portal. CDR re-imagines the Armory as a shared room of passage from the city to the park, creating a space that is flexible and offers a location shared public entities.

2013 October 1
@rtifacts Installation by CDR Studio for [email protected]

Please join us for the opening party, which will be held Saturday, October 12, 2013, from 5PM - 8PM. It will take place at the [email protected] studio space, located at 2 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn.  view full article

@rtifacts is a large-scale installation composed of deconstructed plastic bottles and solar LEDs. Transforming trash into art and an obstructive fence into an invitation, this canpoy marquee will expand the presence of [email protected] in the neighborhood and illuminate an act of design activism. For more information, please visit our project blog: http://cdr-artifacts.tumblr.com
2013 September 30
CDR Studio is a Finalist for the City of Dreams Pavilion Competition!

CDR Studio was selected as a finalist for the FIGMENT/ENYA/SEAoNY City of Dreams Pavilion Design Competition 2014, located on Governors Island. The Competition is a two-stage process: a jury of leading architects and other industry professionals has reviewed the initial submissions and selected our submission as one of the finalists. We had the opportunity to revise our proposal and resubmit. The jury will meet again and select the competition winner by October 31, 2013.  view full article

The Governor’s Cup Pavilion hovers in a cluster of trees on the northern side of the Parade Ground. Recycled plastic cups, sourced and discarded throughout the city, are supported by zip-ties from overhead cables, forming a dense knitted structure unspooling from the branches. The configuration forms an outdoor room, shimmering in the sun and echoing with breeze-driven sound.

You can view more about the competition here:


2013 September 26
Hoboken Pavilion Completed

Construction of Hoboken Pavilion is now complete. The project is the result of a commission for an outside porch that provides shade and protection from wildlife.  view full article

The client has a sensitivity to insects, so special screen was necessary to fill the mahogany cells. The structure supports a glass canopy which is made from a patterned, laminated-tempered glass, allowing light to come through, while still providing privacy due to its water-like pattern. The resulting space provides a sheltered outdoor experience, with space for yoga, dining, reading, and outdoor sleeping

2013 September 23
Join Us to Build Our @rtifacts Installation!

CDR Studio Architects is holding workshops to construct their collaborative installation for [email protected], an innovative arts space in North Brooklyn. The installation, titled “@rtifacts Illuminated,” is designed to bring attention to the emerging art center.  view full article

Composed of repurposed plastic bottles and innovative lighting, this canopy marquee will illuminate the otherwise hidden entrance of [email protected] and generate greater presence for them in their North Brooklyn community. Both CDR Studio and [email protected] envision the installation as a catalyst for further dialogue and collaborative participation among creatives in this community, while celebrating the promise of [email protected] The workshops will be held at the [email protected] studio, located in the basement of the Greenpoint Hospital at 2 Kingsland Avenue, Brooklyn, on Tuesday September 24 and Tuesday October 1, from 2 - 7pm. We will be building solar lanterns and a massive canopy from repurposed plastic bottles. Please stop in at any time to contribute. For more information on the design, check out our project blog: cdr-artifacts.tumblr.com
2013 August 21
CDR Studio featured in Construction Today

Construction Today has featured CDR Studio in an article this month. “Dreyfous says part of what makes CDR Studio successful is its approach of looking at each project as an opportunity for research. The firm works closely with its clients but also brings a set of research goals to each project, applying what it learns on one project to other projects in the future. Cloud says CDR Studio believes construction is a collaborative effort, and as such it is always willing to roll up its sleeves and get involved in work beyond the traditional confines of architecture.”  view full article

2013 July 24
Marine Company 1 Receives AIA New York State Award!

Marine Company 1 received an award from the 2013 AIA New York State Design Awards Jury. The Design Awards Program showcases the multi-talents of New York State architects.  view full article

All winning projects will be disaplyed at the AIA New York State annual convention September 25-27th in Syracuse, NY.

2013 July 10
Installation Begins for Hoboken Pavillion

Installation of our pavilion began in Hoboken this morning, with completion of the structure expected later this week!  view full article


2013 July 1
Visit the [email protected] Installation Blog!

The [email protected] project now has a blog! CDR Studio envisions the installation as a catalyst for further dialogue and collaborative participation among creatives in this North Brooklyn community, while celebrating the promise of [email protected]  view full article

We'll be documenting our concentrated efforts as we push through the last two months until the opening party, which will be Thursday, September 5. Save the date! Check it out: http://cdr-artifacts.tumblr.com