2013 May 17
Hoboken Pavilion In Progress

CDR Studio's outside pavilion is under construction at Situ Studio.  view full article

The images here show the front and side walls.

2013 May 16
We are now CDR Studio.

It is with anticipation and celebration that we announce our new name, CDR Studio. In relaunching our original firm, CR Studio, we acknowledge the contributions of Partner Jonathan Dreyfous as he joins founding partners Lea Cloud and Victoria Rospond.  view full article

Come visit our site at our new domain name: www.cdrstudio.com, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

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2013 May 14
Photoshoot of Audi Manhattan Completed

The below image of Audi Manhattan shows the Program's trademark open ground-floor sales area and race track.  view full article

Located at 11th Avenue and 55th Street, the 220,000 sq ft building was designed using the implementation of the architectural master plan for Audi's United States dealership network. It houses a new showroom with potential development for multi-level showrooms and all new service floors, and establishes Audi as a premium brand in Manhattan.

2013 May 10
West End Avenue Residence Complete

Here’s an image from our photoshoot of the West End Avenue Residence on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.  view full article

The project combined two existing apartments, and features a large, central millwork unit that incorporates storage, display, and workspace.

2013 May 8
Pavilion Progress

CDR Studio is designing an outside pavilion in Hoboken, NJ.  view full article

The pavilion is currently being fabricated by Situ Studio, and its installation is planned for the middle of June.

2013 April 18
Long Island Residence Photoshoot Completed

Here’s a sneak peak of our photoshoot of the Long Island Residence. The image, taken from the backyard at dusk, shows the renovated interior as well as the charred cedar rainscreen that replaced the old external façade.  view full article

The Long Island Residence was a renovation of a single family home built in the early 1960s.

2013 March 20
CDR Studio to Design Installation for [email protected]

[email protected] is an emerging arts space and a platform for conversation about arts in North Brooklyn. It provides an outlet for artistic exploration and discovery, and serves to forge alliances between artists and the community.  view full article

The installation designed by CDR Studio will invite the participation of North Brooklyn artists and community members to illuminate what art means collectively at [email protected] by contributing drawings on translucent paper prompted by the heading "In our neighborhood, @rt is..." These works will then be placed into plastic bottles, diverted from typical waste streams and transformed into luminous @rtificats. Strung together, the lanterns will be installed in the adjacent courtyard in a sculptural formation. Supporting a current initiative, this installation will generate greater visbility for [email protected] as an arts space in North Brooklyn, in addition to creating a dynamic, illuminated outdoor space.

2013 February 27
Marine Company 01 Selected as a Finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards

Marine Company 01 has been selected as a finalist for the Architizer A+ Awards for the Port Facilities & Boat Piers category. It is one of only a handful of entries chosen from over 100 countries and is competing for the two most sought-after awards: The Architizer A+ Jury Award and the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award.  view full article

While the Architizer A+ Jury Award is selected by their jury, the online public chooses the Architizer A+ Popular Choice Award. Voting ends March 8th. Winners will be announced March 19th.

Please help us out by voting here: http://awards.architizer.com/public/voting/?cid=18


2013 January 23
Construction Underway at Audi Central Houston

Construction is underway at the Audi Central Houston site.  view full article

Once completed, the 170,000-square-foot facility will be the largest Audi dealership in the country.

2013 January 17
Partners Lea Cloud and Victoria Rospond Featured on Re:making Architecture

The Architecture Department at the Rhode Island School of Design interviewed alumnae Lea Cloud and Victoria Rospond on the genesis of CDR Studio and the influence that their education has had on their design philosophy.  view full article

Both partners emphasize the interdependent nature of architecture. “We were both working with a lot of people that really respected each other,” says Victoria. “It was really collaborative and we helped each other a lot.” Adds Lea: “It is just a lot richer to do it that way. You gather different people with different viewpoints and are able to think about things in many different ways.”

Hear more at http://player.vimeo.com/video/39718505